Describing Action in Progress

Describing Action in Progress :

In this picture,* there are many people riding on a bus. Some of the people arestanding and some are sitting. The bus driver is talking to a young man who is just getting on the bus. An old woman is standing in the aisle and is leaning against a post. She looks very tired. Next to her, there is a shopping cart full of groceries. Two men are standing near the old woman. They are arguing about something. On the right side of the bus, there is a bald man looking out the window, and sitting behind him is a young man listening to the radio. On the left side of the bus, there are some girls chatting happily while someone is smoking in the seat behind them. I think this looks like a typical day on the bus in Taiwan.

Present Progressive Tense   He is standing.
They are sitting.

There is Prepositions There are to show movement and position in, on, by, near, over, under, next to, in front of, on the right (side)

Opinions   I think . . It looks like . . They look tired. They appear to be tired.

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*See : Look Again Pictures, Riding on a Bus, page 27.