The Study Center

Background Information:the first appointment between Mrs.Mary and Lin Li .

Lin Li ( female) :student;Mrs. Mary (female) :professor

Lin Li:Hi,Excuse me. I am Lin Li. Can I see Ms. Mary?

Mrs. Mary:Yes,Ms. Lin. Welcome. Sit down,please.

Lin Li:Thanks.

Mrs. Mary:Hi,Ms. Li,I am Mary. Please step into my office. Lin Li? Well,Please call me Lin.

Mrs. Mary:How are you getting along?

Lin Li:Fine,everyone is very kind.

Mrs. Mary:Well, let me give you these forms to fill out, and give them to Cindy when you are finished.

Lin Li:Do you need them filled out right now?

Mrs. Mary:No,just drop them by anytime this week. Now let me introduce the Foreign Language Department to you.

Example 2

Background Information : Taking courses is troublesome for

students in the university. Tomorrow is the deadline of taking course for Mina,she is very worried now.

Mina ( female) :student;Gary (male) :student

Mina: Oh, no. Tomorrow’s deadline for selecting courses. I should have seen the board earlier this morning.

Gary: Well,I have to take business management. Here it is ,yes! Monday,Wednesday and Friday at 10 o’clock a. m. Pll never make it on time to a 10:00 class. Well,I wonder if anyone I know is taking it. I gotta have at least one friend in each class,a little insurance never hurts.

Mina:Hi,Gary. Are you taking business management?

Gary:Why? Are you?

Mina:Yes,and I heard there is a good professor.

Gary:You mean that there is an easy professor. Great, I am taking it,too. See you next week.

Example 3

Background Information:Liu Ming is talking with his classmates, group members have a good cooperation.

Liu Ming ( male) :student;Jack (male):student

Liu Ming:Jack,can I join your group for discussion?

Jack: Okay,but we have a precondition.

Liu Ming:Yes,but we have a precondition.

Jack:What's it?

Liu Ming:You do the presentation for our group,okay?

Jack:No problem. I'd like to.

Liu Ming:Let 9 s get down to our discussion about the assignment.

Jack:we'll taking notes of today’s task.

Liu Ming:Pardon me, should we each report our parts respectively?

Jack: Yes. Who'11 be the first?

Liu Ming:I will. Mine is about the questionnaire. I've designed eighteen questions in all. Some are multiple choice, some are descriptive, and the others are yes-no questions.

Jack: Do you have something printed to deliver to us.

Liu Ming:Yes,I’ve prepared some handouts for yo.u. Please share your opinions.

Culture background

instructors are often selected by the Academic Committee and Department Head according to the professional background of the student work experience and education objectives. The professor must be the profession's leading experts in the field or even people with high academic standing in some majors where you will want to learn.

In foreign universities, in addition to tutor me, there are instructors from the three member panel  composed of professional instructors and two other professors. The two professors,at least one is a professor outside the department, or can come from other school.

In foreign universities,especially postgraduates, the relttionship between students and instructors are often closer, more often  is the mentor of graduate students and teaching assisums and partners, so meeting the instructors is a very common thing.