Table Manners

Table Manners

Could you tell me a littte about dinrang etiquette?

What is the primary rule governing table manners?

What should i do if I need to course, sneeze, or blow my nose? Should we stand near that table and wait for them to finish?

A: What is the proper way to sit at a dinner table?

B: ideal posture is to sit straight, but not stiffly, against the back of the chair. Hands, when one is not actually eating, may be in the lap. Tipping one's chair is unforgivabte.

A: How do I know when to start eating as a guest at dinner?

B: It is upon the host or hostess to ask guests to begin a hot course after three or four people have been served.

A: Thank you for your explanation.

(Donna is teaching Anne about the table manners.)

Anne: I'm 90109 to have western food with Gary tomorrow night, and   I'm pretty worried.

Donna: Why?

Anne: I'm not sure of my etiquette at dinner table.

Donna: Well, just imitate your hosts and remember not to make any  noise. Especially with soup, coffee, water, and other liquids.

Anne: Of course, i know that. But I'm afraid I'll drop a spoon or fork on the floor or something.

Donna: Don't worry about that. If you do, just pick it up.

Anne: Is there anything else I should be careful of?

Donna: Yes. Don't pick your teeth.

Anne: I see. Thank you.

Donna: You are welcome.