Study Evaluation and Planning

Study Evaluation and Planning

Background Information:When graduation,students will make a plan for their future life,especially for those who study in abroad. But how should they do?

Mr. Robert (male) :teacher,Frank (male) :student

Mr. Robert:Do you have any plans for your future?

Frank:Actually,I’m going to return to china.

Mr. Robert :You have a bright future in theUnited States. Why do you want to go back?

Frank:I think I should devote my efforts to the development of my hometown and fulfill my dreams in that land.

Mr. Robert :Yes. It is reasonable for people to do that.

Frank:What about you?

Mr. Robert:It seems that everything has been going the right way. I've got a position in a big company.


example 2

Ellen:Excuse me, would you like an interview in your spare time?

Dengken:No problem.

Ellen:Is it normal that many Chinese dream to study abroad? As a Chinese student inAmerica,how do you view this issue?

Dengken:In the view of most people»studying abroad is a good thing that can help people in their future work and life. As for me?whether it is good or bad depends on the situation.

Ellen:Why do you say that?

Dengken: I have stayed inAmericafor nearly one year. Before coming here, I thought everything was OK. But things didn't happen as I thought. I met many difficulties in my life and studies.

Ellen:Would you like to tell me about it?

Dengken: You know there are many differences between the Chinese and Americans cultures. If you have no basic knowledge about American culture, it becomes more difficult to stay inAmerica. In addition, when you can’t communicate fluently,you can become homesick and feel disappointed.

Ellen:It seem too hard?do you have advice for those who want to study abroad?

Dengken:I hope those students think twice before they go abroad. Youf d better be prepared for living and studying overseas or you will have much anxiety.

Ellen: Thanks for your advice. It's been pleasant talking with you.