The Student Union and Association Activities

The Student Union and Association Activities

Background Information:Tom and Maria participate Student Union election.

Maria ( female) :student ;Tom (male) :student


Chairman:Good evening everyone! Welcome to the elections for the officers for the next Remember you've all got a vote, please use it. Without further ado, let me introduce the six international student candidates to everyone.

Tom: Hey, Maria. Who do you think will succeed in the final election?

Maria:Well, it, s hard to say, because every candidate has his own special personalities and advantages.

Tom: In my opinion, John has the characteristics to succeed»he simply has received more votes from the students.

Maria: Maybe you are right, but you never know things

Example 2

Background Information:There are many activities in each International Friendship Association, Yangyang and Frank are going to join in the Apple-picking party.

Youngyoung (female):student;Frank (male) : student

Frank:Have you signed up for the apple-picking party?

Yang Yang:I never heard of that. When is the party and where can I sign up for it?

Frank:You didn't receive the email from IF A, did you?

Yang Yang:I haven’t checked my email for several days.

Frank:Please go to ISO to sign up. The party is on Sunday.

Yang yang:That's good. Can we eat apples for free?

Frank:Sure. However,if you want to take some apples home, you have to pay,but it is very cheap. I am ready to buy some.

Youngyoung:Great. I'm going to sign up.