As a freshman in one American college,Jack pretends to take part in English Club so that he can make rapid improvement in oral English. Today his best friend Bob invited him to go to English Club.

Bob:Our department will hold an English Club tonight. Do you have any interest in it?

Jack:That is wonderful. Sure it has been a long time I went to attend an English Club.

Bob: Today many students from other countries also participate in the English Club. It will provide an opportunity to make a lot of friends and improve oral English as well.

Jack: Yes,it will. Do you know the program of today’s English Club?

Example 2

Anthony (male) :student, Emily (female):student

A:Have you heard that our school’s drama club is going to take in new members?

E:Really? I always want to be an actor.

A:So do I.

E:I heard that the club hadn’t taken new members for many years.

A:Yes,but it said it would accept many new members this year.

E: So can we apply for it?

A: Sure. Anybody can if you want to.

E: Terrific. That happens only once in a blue moon.

A: Let's go sign up.

Example 3

A:What can I do for you?

S: I want to take your waltz course to slim my body,help me lose weight and restore my former well-cut figure.

A:Slim your body? Waltz is the ballroom dance more for socials than for your figure. Why don't you take aerobic dance?

S: Is aerobic dance effective for my purpose?

A:Sure. You will jump, hop, whirl round and round and move your limbs fast to the quick pace of modern music. You will stretch your huddled muscles?shake your torso violently, and use up extra calories. You surely will lose your weight.

S: That is what I need. I hope your program will help me keep fit and young all the time.

A: Our course is from four to five every afternoon. Is it convenient for you?

S: Yes. That’s a good time for me. Thank you.

A:You are welcome!