Sports Activities

Sports Activities

Background Information:On the way to school,Arthur met his friend Cherry.

Arthur (male) :student, Cherry (female) :friend

A? Hey,sherry,want to go for a run?

C: No thanks. I ran this morning. I ran six miles when I woke up today.

A:I try to do that,but I can't get up that early.

C: I couldn’t either at first,but you’ll get used to it.

A:It’s so hot at lunchtime;I’d rather run in the morning.

C:Well,why don’t you come tomorrow? I'll stop by your house on my way out.

A:I could try, but I can’t say for sure if I’ll get up in time. What time do you want to go?

C:I'll give you a call around 6:00a. m. and Pll stop by around 6:30.

A:O. K. , maybe if I have someone to go with,Pll be able to get up in time for the jog.

C:Great,I'11 see you then.

A:See you.


Cindy (female):student Julie (female):consultant

J. Good afternoon. How can I help you?

C:Well,I am a bit out of shape. Pm thinking about exercising to keep fit. So what do you provide?

J:First of ally we9 11 design a custom-made work-out plan according to your habits.

C:How can I get that done?

J:Well,you will have a qualified personal trainer assigned to you. He will give you a fitness assessment and then come up with the work-out plan for your needs.

C:What else?

J:Since everyone is different, your personal trainer will find you suitable exercise equipment and teach you all the techniques to help you reach your fitness goal.

C:Sounds pretty good. How much does it cost?

J :That depends. We offer memberships for one month,half a year and one year.

C:Maybe 1911 do one month. Just have a try first, not too tough at the beginning.

J: "W"ise decision. You'll find it’s totally worth it.

C: What are your business hours?

J: We are open from 6 am to midnight. You are welcome,anytime.

C:Thank you.