Seeing a Doctor in a Clinic

Seeing a Doctor in a Clinic

Todd (male) :a university student;Sandy(male) :clerk

Sandy t Good morning. This is Doctor Sampson's office. What can I do for you?

Todd:Yes,this is Todd. I'd like to make an appointment to see the doctor this week.

Sandy:Well ,let’s see. Pm afraid he is fully booked on Monday and Tuesday.

Todd:How about Thursday?

Sandy:Sorry, he is also full Thursday. So , would Wednesday be OK for you on?

Todd:I have to work on Wednesday. Is Dr. Sampson available

on Saturday?

Sandy:I’m afraid the office is closed on weekends.

Todd: Well,what about Friday?

Sandy:Friday. Let me have a check. Oh, great. Dr. Sampson will be available on Friday afternoon this week.

Example 2

Smith (male): a university student ; Hawkins (male) :a doctor in a hospital

Hawkins: Hi,Mr. Smith. Pm Dr. Hawkins. Why are you here  today? ....

Smith:I thought it would be a good idea to get an examination.

Hawkins:Yes,you haven’t had one for three years. You should M have one every year.

Smith:I know9 but I figure as long as there’s nothing wrong, why should I go to see the doctor?

Hawkins:Well,the best way to avoid serious illnesses is to find a out about them early. So, try to come at least once a  year for your own good.


Hawkins:Let me see here. Your eyes and ears look fine. Take a p deep breath,please. Do you smoke,Mr. Smith? 


Hawkins:You know smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer and heart disease. You really should quit.

Smith:I’ve tried many times,but I just can’t seem to kick the habit.

Hawkins:Well,there are classes and some medications that might help. Pll give you more information before you leave.


Example 3

Mark (male) :a university student;Abbot (male):a dentist in a clinic

Mark:Oh! I have a horrible toothache.

Abbot:How long have you been like this?

Mark: It started to hurt when I was eating breakfast this morning.

Abbot:Open your mouth as wide as you can»please.

Mark: How bad is it?

Abbot:It's quite serious. Well,Mark. That’s a nasty infection you have.

Mark:Is there anything you can give me to get rid of it,Doctor?

Abbot:I'm going to prescribe some antibiotics and some medicine to ease the aching.

Mark: OK. Thank you. Where should I buy them?

culture background

There are 4 categories of hospitals in the U. S. for medical treatment options: they are medical clinics,outpatient hospitals, specialist hospitals and general hospitals. Patients are generally required to make a prior telephone appointment. When they feel sick,they will not directly go tojaespital., Clinics can be seen everywhere In united States, and they vary in size. customers,family doctor's. Family doctor has to be understood ,eral practitons, and they are responsible for diagnosis common diseases. If necessary, the patient will be introduced to the relevant specialists for further diagnosis and treatment by the family doctor. The family doctor needs the telephone booking. If the patient needs examination or surgical treatment, the doctor will help patients make an appointment to do these projects in the hospital with good conditions.