Return Overdue Books

Return Overdue Books

A: Hello, i am so sorry,Can you do me a favor,i want ot returning my late books.

B: This is the right spot to pay your fee. Put your books down right here.

A: OK.

B: I can see that you owe 50 cents a day. That will be two dollars,did you like this book?

A: OK, here's the money,yes i really like this book, i will borrow it next time read againg,super great book.

B: We are interested in getting our books back; so as long as all the fines are paid off by the end of the semester, you will be fine. Does that make sense?

A: I'm not sure.

B: Your registration and transcripts can be held up if there is an outstanding fine.

A: Now I understand.

B: Well, you can always keep your late fees down by using the night drop if we are closed. Enjoy the library!