Part-Time jobs

Part-Time jobs

Background Information:Many American students take part-time jobs in school.

Paul (male) :American student, Lily (female) :Chinese student

P:Is it common for university students to have part-time jobs?

L:Yes. It is very common.

P:What kind of jobs do they usually have?

L:Most are tutors. How about American students?

P:It is also common for university students to have part-time jobs?but not usually as tutors. Many university students work on campus. For example,some students work in the library,the school store or dinning hall. But some also work off campus as waiters or waitress at local restaurants.

L:I heard that it's easier for students inAmericato have part- time jobs on campus. The career centre provides the job opportunity for students. But it's not that easy for Chinese students.In real life, those whose families are not affluent, have to get part-time jobs. They have little choice, p.Did you have a job?

L:I had a part-time job as a tutor for three years,it is easier for people who major in English to find part-time jobs as tutors teaching school teachers or kids.

P:Studying English does open doors.

example 2

Background Information:David is searching for part-time job on telephone.

David (male) :student,Emma (female) :clerk

D:Hello. I'm calling about the job you have advertised for a salesman. Is it still available?

E:Yes,it is.

D:Can you tell me something about the job?

E:Sure. Our company sells education books to teenagers. We're looking for a part-time salesman to promote our books to local bookstores.

D:That sounds interesting. I'm a student,and I'm looking for part-time work.

E: Well,perhaps you'd like to come in for an interview.

D: Yes,I would.

E:Well, let me arrange a time for you to come in for an interview. How about tomorrow?

Culture background

Working while in college«beyond the funeral gains,can give you experience that will enhance your education and career experience. Below is a summary of reasons why many students work a job while in school.

Obtain additional financial resources and/or reduce the amount of additional educational financing

Gain experience interacting and networking with professionals

Opportunityto experience various career options first hand

Gain valuable and practical career experience

Opportunityto enhance fundamental career skills such as communication,time management and customer service

Develop a sense of community