Parking Meter

Parking Meter

A: WOW, I never saw a meter like this before; can you tell me how do you use it?

B: Well,It's very simple,  Do you know how the old one worked?

A: I never used a parking meter before, i just heard about it for many times,please show me the detail.

B: So we start out by deciding whether you will use cash or a credit or debit card,recently you can pay it online vis paypal.

A: I prefer Cash.

B: Fine, can you read the rate on the display?

A: Yes, I can.

B: Fine. Now that we know what they are ripping us off for, insert the payment.

A: I'd rather not pay, but I have to.

B: Fine, this machine does not ask you the number of your spot, so we can move on, all right?

A: Perfect, let's do it.

B: Now just check the meter to see how many minutes you have.

A: Thanks,i know how to use it.