Paking car in school

Paking car in school

A: Hey man, would you tell me where I can park my car?

B: Are you driving a motorcycle or a car?

A: I drive a car, a toyota car.I bought this car last week.

B: Fine. You can either park on the street side. Do you know what a handicapped space is?

A: Yes, I have seen those spots.

B: Well, when you see the blue spots with the handicapped logo, do not park there unless you have a special permit. Are you going to be parking in the daytime or evening?

A: I park in the evenings.

B: Then you also need to be aware of the time limits on the street signs. Have you seen those signs?

A: Yes, I have seen those signs.

B: The signs always tell you how long you can park there and on what days. Do you know how to read the curb colors?

A: Yes, I know what the curb colors mean.

B: Well, just as long as you realize that red means no parking and white means loading and unloading,

A:I think you know what you need to know.