Meeting a Fellow Country Man

Meeting a Fellow Country Man

Mary (female) : a new comer ; John (male): a volunteer

Mary: excuse me, do you know where the university library is?

John:It's right ahead. Hi .are you Mary?

Mary: Yes. i am. And you?

John: I'm of your classmates from George School. Do you remember me?

Mary: Yes, I remember. It's been five years since we last saw each other.

John: Yeah. It's such a coincidence meeting here.

Mary: I agree and I almost didn't recognize you.

John: What's your major?

Mary: I major in hotel management and I enjoy business management, too. Now I am going to the university

library to apply for a library card.

John: Great,I am going to the library too. Let's go together.

Mary: Sure.

Mary ( female ): a university student; Lucy ( female ): Mary's friend

Mary: Oh,it's you, Lucy,I didn't expect to.

Lucy: Me too,I almost didn't recognize you ,You look much taller and slimmer than before.

Mary: Thank you,I like to hear that. Thank you so much.

Mary: have you decided which university you are going to apply for?

Lucy: Not yet. My father wants me to apply to Princeton University but my mother wants me to go to

Harvard. What do you think?

Mary: That is the question I want to ask you. What's your own option?

Lucy: I don't know. I like both and I would like to be a lawyer.

Mary: In that case,I would recommend that you go to Harvard University.

Lucy: Why do you say that?

George :( male) a university student. Dick (male): George's friend

George: Hello,I haven't seen you for ages,what have you been up to in the past few years?

Dick: Yes, it is nice to meet you here. After graduated from our school«I went to China and studied

Chinese in Xifan International Studies University for three years.

George: What do you think about Chinese?

Dick: Oh,Chinese is much more difficult than English. As we all know China enjoys a history of 5,000 years. The splendid culture has a strong influence upon its language.

George: Have you been to some places of interests?

Dick: Yes,of course. I have been to the Terra Cotta Warriors, Wild Goose Pagoda,Bell Tower and other places in Xi'an. These places are amazing.

George:Do you still play many sports in your spare time?

Dick:Yes, I like to play basketball and baseball. But I seldom play baseball,because it is difficult to find some where to do it.

Dick:It sounds interesting; maybe I will plan a visit to China next year. Well,I must leave now. See you.

George: See you.

1. Be up to means be busy doing something. 2. Splendid means beautiful and impressive.