The University Library and IT Service

The University Library and IT Service

Background Information:Anna is a freshman, but she doesn't|

know how to borrow the book,she I wants to borrow some books on I computer.

Anna (female):student;Librarian (female);

Anna:Good morning! I wonder if you could give me s some I information.

Librarian:Good morning! I'l1 be glad to. What cfin I dol for you?

Anna:I am a freshman,so I have no idea how to borrow a book,I just want to borrow some books on computer. Can you! show me how to find the books on the shelves?

Librarian:The books on computers are over there.

Anna:Thank you. (After a few minutes) Good,I'11 check this] one out. How long may I keep it?

Librarian:Two weeks.

Example 2

Background Information:The library is a good place where you can search for much resource, meanwhile?you can ask the librarian,if you have problems. Liming wants to apply for a study room for his self- studying.

Li Ming (male) :student ; Librarian(male)

Li Ming:Excuse me,can I apply for a study room?

Librarian:Are you a graduate student or an undergraduate?

Li Ming:I am a graduate student.

Librarian:So you can apply for one. But you can't Have it now.I can just put you on the waiting list.

Li Ming:What formalities?

Librarian: we need your major professor’s reference or a letter  from your department head, and your student ID card,with a deposit of 100 dollars. Please fill in the form and sign here.

Li Ming:Okay,I see. Thank you.

Example 3

Background Information : Li Ming asks Thomson for a help to know how to search the paper which he wants in the online library.

Li Ming( male) :student ; Thomson(male) :student

Li Ming: Hi,Thomson. Are you busy now?

Thomson:Not very busy. What’s the matter?

Li Ming:The professor asked us to find an article using any qualitative methods. Have you found one?

Thomson:Yes,I have. Did you have any trouble?

Li Ming: I found one but the author charges 18 dollars. I don't know why I couldn’t find one for free.

Thomson:Okay, let me show you. Just enter website, then search articles, then type “qualitative” and search it. You can look through several of them and you will find which is suitable for you.

Li Ming:Thank you,Thomson. I entered the wrong place.