Japanese Restaurants

Japanese Restaurants

WNch kind of food would you prefer?

We don't serve “Sush  here but there is a  Sushi restaurant on the third floor.

Would you go to sit in a  tatamrroom or at a table?

Excuse me, sir, but could you take crff your shoes before walking or  the straw mats?

WoiAftil you Kke to try some of our Japanese dishes?

We have sashimi. sushi, and Bmbecue, both Japanese and Korea styles.

A: te that the Japanese Restaurant?

B: Speaking. May I help you?

A: What kind of food do you serve?

B: We serve a great variety ol popular Japanese dishes in set courses  and a ia carte, and also manly meat dishes.

A: I see. That sounds fine.

B: Welcome to our restaurant

(A guest is having a dinner in a Japanese rcstauniiit)

WfiMter: Good evening.... Are you ready to order, sir?

Guest: Yes. What kind of food is the tempura?

Waiter: It is fish, prawns and assorted vegetables dipped in batter and  then deep fried until crisp. Ifs very popular with both Japanese and forign guests.

Guest: Um. It sounds doltdous. Well have the tempura dinner for two please.

Waiter :The tempura dinner comes with raw fish. Will that be fine?

Guest: Well, 11! take the raw fish but my wife doesn't care for It. she have somethina else instead.