Freshman School Life

Freshman School Life

Freshman School Life

The freshmen in American universities generally live in the apartment which the university assigns. The school mainly considers the newcomers security and it is advantageous for the management. When they are in the second grade the school will readjust the bedroom or the apartment. Some goods everybody uses can be shared among the roommates and it is unnecessary for each member to have one. And on second year when the school adjusts the apartment,they can carry off their own goods. If they want to add more common items in the second grade,they can have a discussion with their new roommates. The students have been familiar with the school environment so they will not take many efforts to purchase what they need.

Before the Amtrican university registers the ftchooi will inform you your roommate and suggest you getting in touch with your roommates before the regmtratton. You and your roommates can share the common items which may not only save money but also reduce troubletiome. After you arrive at (he school«you can consuit with your roomnuits and decide to purchase other common items together. The common items includet television refrigerator microwave over coffeepot electric iron,very hot clothes board , vacuum cleaner and 90 on. Each of you buya only one item and carries it off one year later.

Gemma (female) : a new comer; Hedy (female) : a volunteer

Gemma: Excuse me!

Hedy: What can i do for you?

Gemma: I am a new comer here» can you tell me how to get to the reception desk?

Hedy: No problem. I'll take you there. By the way,where are you from?

Gemma: I am from Alabama.the State of Cotton.

Hedy: Alabama,I have been to Birmingham once the largest city in Alabama.

Gemma: Yes,I have lived in Birmingham since i was born.

Hedy: So,why do you choose this university?

Gemma: Oh,I am interested in information engineering. I have consulted many people and they suggested i choose this university because it has a great reputation in this major.