Finding a Classroom

Finding a Classroom

A: Could you help me?

B: What do you need?

A: I can't seem to find my class.

B: What building is it in?

A: It's in the C building.

B: Oh, I know exactly where that is.

A: Do you think you can tell me where it is?

B: Sure, what room number is it?


A: It's room number 261.

B: I have a class around there right now.

A: Could you show me where it is?

B: No problem, come on.


A: Excuse me, I need your assistance.

B: Sure, what's up?

A: I have no idea where my class is.

B: Tell me which building it's in.

A: My class is in the C building.

B: I know where the C building is.

A: Do you mind telling me where it is?

B: Of course, which room number is it?

A: Number 261.

B: I actually have a class right around there.

A; Can you please show me?

B: I can do that.


A: Do you mind helping me?

B: What can I help you with?

A: I'm not sure how to find my next class.

B: Do you know what building that it's in?

A: The C building, I think.

B: Well, that's not far away.

A: Could you point me in that direction?

B: Do you know what the room number is?

A: It's C261.

B: My next class is around there.

A: Can you show it to me?

B: Sure, let's go.