Cost of Education

Cost of Education

Sally:Does chinese students always depend on their parents when they are in school.

George:That’s true. I just hope you don't let the chance slip away from you. Just try your best to do it and don’t leave anything undone.

Sally:OK,I will do my best. This is a chance of a life time.

George:Yes,if you run into any problems, remember,I would like to bend over backwards to help.

Sally: I really appreciate your help.

example 2

Wang Xiaoli:The semester has almost passed before.

Li Ming:yes,time flies so fast. The first semester we studied inAmericawill be over soon. We will get our  vacation in the USA. Do you have any plan to spend your holiday?

Wang Xiaoli: I mean to spend it with my family. But it will cost a lot in return fare. I intend to find a part-time job rather than go home.

Li Ming:Maybe that's a wonderful idea. We not only can save our spending in travel, but also earn some money to help ourselves.

Wang Xiaoli:We can kill two birds with one stone.

Li Ming: It sounds like that. However, it is not easy to find a part-time job for us.

Wang Xiaoli:Yes, we should prepare ourselves so we won't be disappointed.

Li Ming:Let’s make that effort together. I believe everything comes to him who works hard.

example 3

Bob:It’s almost summer vacation time. Have you found a suitable job yet?

Jack: I think I can still work at the restaurant where I worked last summer but it doesn’t pay very much.

Bob:I suppose I could get a job at the china Hotel. A friend of mine helped me to get a job as waiter there last summer. Even though the job was too hard,the pay was good.

Jack:Would you like to find another job this summer?

Bob:No, I need to earn money quickly to pay for my studies. What about you?

Jack:I will also be working in that same restaurant. It is becoming more and more difficult to find a good job now.

Bob:Yeah,let’s do our job well no matter what happens. At least,we found a job and will not waste this vacation.

Jack:What you say sounds fine. We can do it together.