Classmates and Roommate

Classmates and Roommate

Yang: May we make some rules for us in the dormitory?

Green:Good idea!

Tim: Rules are better than no rules.

Yang ,I suggest that one person cook for two days. That means that between the three of us we will cook for six days. We will cook together on weekends, how about that?

Green:Okay! And anyone who cooks will do the dishes.

Tim:That’s too much for one person.

Green:The other two will have nothing to do.

Yang:Well. If it is your turn,you will be doing all the work.

Tim:Okay. Anyway it's only two days. Then you can enjoy other four days during the week.

Green:By the way,anyone who buys things we need for our dorm should writes it down in a notebook. Then we'll settle up at the end of each month.

Yang:That’s a great idea!

Tim:Good! We will also split the utility bills.

Yang: Great!

Tim: Then we can make it together!