choose a professor

choose a professor

A: Do you know Dr. Jaff ? did you study in his class before?

B: Yes. his is a  great professor, also famous in the world. Are you going to be taking a class from him?

A: Yes, but I have never taken his class before.

B: He is very interesting and kindly, he will answer any question for each students asked. I think you will like him.

A: Yes, that's what I need.

B: He is really clear on what you need to learn to get a good grade. Are you willing to study hard?

A: Yes, I guess so.

B: What I really liked about him is that he was an understanding and friendly teacher. Do you enjoy that in a teacher?

A: Yes, I had a teacher like that before.

B: Did you know that he has 35 years teaching experience?

A: No, I didn't, but that could be a good thing.