Chinese Restaurants

Chinese Restaurants

Have you got   Chinese food?

What kind of Chinese food do you serve?

Will you  Comrnend us some Chinese food?

A: Are you ready to order now, sir?

B:We'd Re to try some Chinese food today. Could you give us any advice out it?

A: With piedsure. Chinese food is varied. We serve Guang dong arid Sichuan cuisine.

B. What's the diffrence between them?

A: Oh, yes.Guangdong food is usually a kind of seafood.Sichuan food is a sort of food with some seasonings. And it tastes a bit more spicy than Guangdong food.

B: Then  think   Guangdong food sounds nice to us.


Waiter:What will you have?

Guest: Could you tell me what different kinds of Chinese cuisine you serve here

Waiter:Beijingcuisine is the most subtle in China.

Guest :Couid you tell me about their different features?

Waiter: Art of cooking inChinagives much attention to the ccrfors, the flavours, the tastes and the appearances of cooked dishes.  have successfully incorporated the strong points of various types of Chinese cuisine.

Guest: It sounds very nice, and we'll take them all.

Waiter: Do you like something to soup, sir , we have pork thick soup.

Guest: I prefer pork thick soup.

Waiter: OK, just a moment, please.

Guest: OK.