At the Laundry

At the Laundry

Background Information:Paul has a load of clothes to wash,but he doesn't have enough time to wash them by himself. Then he goes to the laundry.

Paul (male):professor,Lucy (female) :laundry staff

Lucy: Let s see. Thattwo pairs of pants?one man’s shirt and gabardine overcoat and this sport shirt. Any thing else?

Paul:And that coat.

Lucy: Please tell us and write down on the list whether you need your clothes ironed?washed, dry-cleaned or mended, and when do you want to get them back.

Paul:Well. I would like to get them at the same day.

Lucy: We have a special rapid service at an extra charge.

Paul: Perhaps»Pd better?but just for the coat. When can it be ready?

lucy: Tomorrow afternoon, anytime after four-thirty.


example 2

Background Information:Self-service laundry is popular in theUSA. As a Chinese student inAmerica, it is necessary to learn how to wash clothes in self-service laundry.

Zhang Hong (female) :Chinese student,Juliet (female): friend

Zhang Hong:Excuse me.


Zhang Hong:i’ve never come to a self-service laundry before.

Can you give me some idea what I need to do?

Julia: It’s easy. You just put quarters in the machines. The machine can work by itself.

Zhang Hong:Yes, but...well ....


Zhang Hong? How does the machine work?

Julia: What do you mean?

Zhang Hong:I see. Do the machines have detergent in them?

Julia: No,of course not. You have to put some in. Did you bring yours?

Zhang Hong:Well, you can buy some from that vending machine over  and put them in the machine. After twenty.


example 3

Zhao Ming (male) :Chinese student,Robin (male): Roommate

Zhao Ming:Hi, Robin. Are you' free now? I want to ask you something.

Robin:Pm free now. What do you want?

Zhao Ming:I want to learn how to wash clothes in a self-service washing machine.

Robin:Oh it’s a piece of cake. Didn’t you use it in your former school?

Zhao Ming:No, I have never used one before. I usually wash clothes by hand.

Robin:Oh,you are so clever.

Zhao Ming:It's not a big deal. Can you show me how to use a self-service washing machine. I find that it is more efficient and convenient.

Robin:No problem. First you can read instruction, then I will show you how to use machine by yourself. I believe you will understand how when you use it just one time.

Zhao Ming:Ok,I will give it a try. Thanks a lot.