Exchange Money

Exchange US Dollar To Chinese RMB

Bank Counter: What can i do for you?

Kally: Yes. I'd like to change some money.

Bank Counter: Yes, madam.

Kally: What's the exchange rate of RMB to US dollar today?

Bank Counter: 6.28 yuan to the US dollar.

Kally: It's the same as last week.

Bank Counter: That's right.The exchange rate here has been quite stable though it's subject to alteration.

Kally: I know. I want to change 1000 US dollars

Bank Counter: You want to change 500 US dollars. So that will be 6280 Yuan? What denominations would you like?

Kally: 100 Yuan notes would be better. could I buy some gold coins here?

Bank Counter: I'm so sorry, not at this window. You have to go to window 8.

Kally: That's ok. thanks.

Bank Counter: Yes, madam. Here are 6280 Yuan notes, And this is your receipt. Please keep them safe.

Kally: ok.Thank you very much.