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close account

Clerk: Hi sir, Can i do your favor?

Customer:Yes,I want to know my balance.

Clerk:Please speak one more time.

Customer:OK,I want to know my balance.

Clerk: I see,Please write down your account number on the paper.

Customer:Well, here is my card number.

Clerk: Please wait a second, Your balance at the bank is $5,000.

Customer: Can you help me one more time ? I think My magcard does not work, please let me know what happen on it.

Clerk: No problem, the magcard is locked, show me your passport or ID card, I will help you out, and remember take your ID card.

Clerk: The magcard need more magnetism, it is ok now.

Customer: I want to close my account at your bank.

Clerk: Please go to the number 6 counter.our client manager will help you.

Customer: thanks.