A letter to Teacher: How to Learn English

How to Learn English

Dear My English Teacher,

Thank you very much for your kindly e-mail.My name is Troy, i am a oversea sales person, i know you from my good friend, and i found the 7 rules for English speaking is very useful and i like it very much.

I love English and i practice speaking English every day to improve my oral English and pronunciation,

But i found my English study has reached a plateau and i don't know what to do next, i want to express myself and my job in English very fluently and in a very correct way, but i found there always something new that i don't know how to explain and describe.

Some of my friends told me that I should memorize more new words and read more novels ,newspapers and journals.

But i don't know how to begin my study, hope you can give me some suggestions, thank you in advance.

Best regards,