disadvantages and advantages

disadvantages and advantages

There is ongoing debate as to whether...bring more benefits drawbacks to the...As for me,I believe this is, overall or a development.I believe this has, overall, positive significance. As for me,I believe this is, overall, a negative development/ I has, overall, bad influence.

1.The primary advantage/disadvantage of, of course,...A very good illustration is...

2.Most importantly/ Also, it is obvious that ...Take the most striking instance...

3.Those who hold the counter-argument worried that ...But these people actually fail to recognize that...Even if

4.Other people may also complain that...But so far (there is no evidence that)...This can be best illustrated with...

end:So my conclusion is that...not only...but also...


There is the ongoing debate as to whether the increasingly popular low-cost flights bring more benefits or drawbacks to the world. As for me, I believe this is, overall, a positive development.

The primary advantage of inexpensive flights is, of course, the cost. Some discount airline tickets are so cheap that they cost even less than the airport tax. This change can certainly give more people access to air travel and increase the efficiency of travelling worldwide, either for business or for pleasure

Also, it is obvious that low-cost airlines boost tourism development. They provide more tourists with the chance to travel by air. Especially nowadays, time is valuable for travelers because few of us have a long vacation. Compared with a train or a bus journey, cheap flights not only do not cost much more but also save us a great deal of time, making people more willing to travel around in their own countries or even overseas instead of staying at home.

Those who hold the counter-argument worried that low-budget air travel may be uncomfortable or more tiresome than regular flights. But these people actually fail to recognize that most low-cost airlines provide the same space for the economy-class passengers. Even if we really feel unhappy with the seats, we usually just have to endure a very short time. Besides, we can always get a better seat with very little additional cost.

Other people may also complain that the increasing cheap flights consumption expends more fuel and worsens the air pollution. But so far there is no evidence that cheap air travel is more damaging to the environment than bus rides or train rides because air trip is a more efficient way to travel and to transport.

So my conclusion is that low-cost airlines not only offer us economical flights, but also give us greater convenience and more options, which cannot be simply evaluated by price.


There is ongoing debate as to whether the obey of (pass story)family values brings more benefits or drawbacks to the families and individuals. As for me, I believe this has, overall, bad influence.

The primary disadvantage of traditional family values is it, of course, lack of freedom. Many concepts representing the traditional family values are no longer compatible with the modern lifestyle. People in traditional families tend to obey rules blindly and lack individuality, which are regarded as the basic requirements for survival in the age of change. Consequently, they may find themselves incompetent when they look for jobs as no employers wants robots without an active mind today

Most importantly, they may live more stressful lives than others because they do not dare to say no to their elders. The real ideas hidden at their heart may even leave them depressed and increase their risk of developing mental problems.

To those who hold the counter-argument claim that traditional family values give us stronger family bonds, which are like a safe haven for life. Children living in such families would know how to behave properly. But these people actually fail to recognize that it is hard for members to enjoy the family bonds between each other when they cannot even freely express how they feel.

So my conclusion is that we should uphold some traditional concepts such as the respect between family members. Meanwhile, we should also appreciate family members' individuality.