Academic Vocabulary Exercise 4

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Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 4

Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.

1. get money through working a. alternative
2. condition of being poor b. consumer
3. false idea, dream c. discrimination
4. without companionship d. earn
5. ability, talent e. encourage
6. person who buys things f. ignore
7. woman whose husband has died g. illusion
8. don't pay attention h. immigrant
9. give help, support or confidence i. irrelevant
10. possess j. lonely
11. perceive thorough the senses, see k. observe
12. choice, selection, option l. own
13. pertaining to a specific job m. participation
14. person who comes into a country to live n. poverty
15. go up, get higher o. practical
16. not related or applicable p. rise
17. taking part, getting involved in a group activity q. skill
18. person who gives service without pay r. vocational
19. useful and realistic s. volunteer
20. treating people unfairly because of differences in race, gender, etc. t. widow