Academic Vocabulary Exercise 10

Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 10

Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.

1. clothing worn after taking a shower a. attic
2. running slowly b. athlete
3. ten track and field events c. astonish
4. to look quickly d. coward
5. area between the roof and ceiling of a house e. bathrobe
6. reason f. decathlon
7. gun, pistol g. flock
8. surprise, amaze h. glance
9. exciting i. depending
10. a person who is not brave j. inquire
11. prize given in a race or competition k. maid
12. group of sheep l. narrow
13. possibility of danger or loss m. motive
14. ask questions n. octopus
15. deep sea animal with eight legs o. jogging
16. thin, not wide p. rancher
17. person who owns a large farm with animals q. risk
18. trusting, relying on r. thrilling
19. housekeeper s. trophy
20. sportsman or woman t. revolver