Academic Vocabulary Exercise 3

Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 3

Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.

1. the act or process of questioning a. alarm
2. one who breaks into a building and steals b. alphabet
3. to strike or hit gently c. blank
4. qualifications or background d. blame
5. a set of English letters e. bounce
6. empty, without any marks f. burglar
7. a brief look; an indication g. compassion
8. discover the existence of something h. credentials
9. having a bumpy surface, not smooth i. detect
10. make something scared or afraid j. expert
11. spring or leap like a ball k. finesse
12. distinguished, excellent l. frighten
13. talk on and on without saying much m. glimpse
14. ability to handle difficult situations well n. inquiry
15. a device that sounds a warning o. interfere
16. feeling of sympathy toward another person p. outstanding
17. accuse someone of wrongdoing q. rough
18. person with a high degree of knowledge or skill r. ramble
19. get in the way; prevent someone from doing a task s. tap
20. covering a large area t. widespread