Academic Vocabulary Exercise 9

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Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 9 Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.
1. to quarrel noisily and to no purpose a. annexation
2. a group of criminals or hoodlums b. attrition
3. to soak or fill thoroughly c. badge
4. extremely fierce or cruel, savage d. condemnation
5. lacking skill or competence e. cynical
6. a gradual diminishing in number or strength f. dismantle
7. an emblem worn as an insignia of rank or honor g. fallacious
8. to kill or destroy by preventing oxygen h. ferocious
9. take something apart i. formidable
10. without order or plan, unorganized j. gang
11. state of being insane or wildly foolish k. hamper
12. expression of disapproval, criticism l. haphazard
13. to impede or obstruct a process m. inept
14. deceptive in appearance or meaning, false n. lunacy
15. adding or joining to a larger entity o. penchant
16. a strong inclination, liking p. reciprocate
17. pessimistic and distrustful or people's motives q. resilience
18. to make a return for something given or done r. saturate
19. difficult to approach or overcome, arousing fear or awe s. squabble
20. ability to recover or adjust easily to misfortune or change t. suffocate