Academic Vocabulary Exercise 8

Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 8

Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.

1. opinion formed with no basis in fact a. arrange
2. very likely to occur, unavoidable b. awkward
3. a place where some animals go to sleep c. chauffeur
4. provide mental or physical nourishment d. conservative
5. an equivalent, a person or object similar to another e. counterpart
6. coming to life again, regaining vitality f. den
7. frighten, cause fear g. ego
8. self-esteem, self concept h. fury
9. by the way i. mend
10. to feel or express compassion for another j. emerge
11. violent rage, uncontrolled action, turbulence k. incidentally
12. moderate, prudent, cautious; favoring the present order l. inevitable
13. the current fashion, style, or practice m. intimidate
14. to rise up or come forth into view; appear n. nurture
15. lacking grace or dexterity, clumsy, uncoordinated o. prejudice
16. to shudder or shake as if from cold p. resurgent
17. to change something for the worse, ruin q. sympathize
18. one who is hired to drive an automobile r. shiver
19. to make right, restore, repair, fix s. tamper
20. to put into specific order or relation, to agree about, settle t. vogue