Academic Vocabulary Exercise 7

Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 7

Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.

1. ready and quick to act a. audible
2. bend the body forward and downward b. beverage
3. odd, not normal c. console
4. a large, stately house d. deficient
5. a short journey e. deter
6. very wet f. disregard
7. comfort g. eccentric
8. disappear suddenly h. excursion
9. agreement i. fidelity
10. hidden from view j. frontier
11. area k. furious
12. lacking, inadequate l. mansion
13. very angry m. nominate
14. put forward for election or position n. pact
15. line between settled areas and wilderness o. prompt
16. to pay no attention to p. secluded
17. to prevent or discourage someone from acting q. sopping
18. loud enough to be heard r. stoop
19. potion, drink s. vanish
20. faithfulness t. vicinity