Academic Vocabulary Exercise 5

Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 5

Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.

1. to make known, divulge, expose a. alienate
2. to provide something that is desired b. blink
3. one who has equal standing with another c. cater
4. a substance that is capable of poisoning d. carcinogen
5. produced with poor quality workmanship e. disclose
6. to encourage, cultivate f. foster
7. period of one thousand years g. hygiene
8. sharply sloped or inclined h. impede
9. to do over, revise i. millenium
10. a cancer-causing substance j. noxious
11. keen enjoyment, excitement k. proffer
12. to present for acceptance, offer l. punctuate
13. to slow down or interfere with m. peer
14. physically harmful or destructive n. shoddy
15. to stress or emphasize o. seduce
16. dismal, gloomy, somber p. steep
17. to flash on and off; open and close the eyes q. sullen
18. to persuade someone into wrongful behavior, entice, lure r. revamp
19. to make unfriendly, hostile or indifferent s. toxin
20. conditions or practices which maintain cleanliness and t. zest

good health