Academic Vocabulary Exercise 4

Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 4

Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.

1. hollow, slender stem of tall grasses a. advocate
2. fake, untrue, false b. apiece
3. to pierce with a knife c. composure
4. guess, conjecture d. colleague
5. a liquid which gives wood a shinny appearance e. float
6. smile broadly f. grin
7. rest on the surface of liquid, not sink g. mob
8. fellow student or worker, associate h. patch
9. to destroy the quality of something i. reed
10. disorderly, lawless crowd j. roast
11. rarely seen k. phony
12. each, every one l. scarce
13. skinny, thin m. slender
14. rigid, resisting action or bending force n. spoil
15. fine cord or line of fiber o. stab
16. recommend, defend, speak in favor of p. stiff
17. calmness, peace, serenity q. surmise
18. a small piece of material for covering up torn clothing r. thread
19. cook meat in an oven s. varnish
20. a thin thread of metal t. wire