Academic Vocabulary Exercise 3

Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 3

Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.

1. a district or area of a city a. alert
2. to get bigger in size b. delicate
3. of very poor quality c. fierce
4. fragile, easily damaged d. foyer
5. surviving memorial from the past e. frown
6. water vapor f. fur
7. opposite of smile g. giggle
8. attentive, wide awake h. husky
9. open the mouth to express sleepiness i. leech
10. big and strong, macho j. lousy
11. hostile, mean, violent k. pamphlet
12. blood-sucking worm l. precinct
13. to throw around loosely m. relic
14. lobby, entrance hall to a house n. scatter
15. silly laughter o. sob
16. to cry profusely p. sparkle
17. cut down something neatly q. steam
18. to shine brightly, glisten r. swell
19. hairy coating of an animal s. trim
20. an unbound publication t. yawn