Academic Vocabulary Exercise 13

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Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 13

Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.

1. trouble, bother, argument or squabble a. allocate
2. required, obligatory b. blast
3. feeling or expressing great joy c. cranky
4. to allot, assign d. dosage
5. causing or capable of causing death e. exhort
6. ill-tempered, in a bad mood f. exotic
7. unable to be satisfied g. glamour
8. a specified quantity of medicine h. hassle
9. an air of charm, romance, and excitement i. insatiable
10. emitting light j. ire
11. a leave of absence every seventh year k. jubilant
12. to move in a winding direction l. lethal
13. of or befitting a king, royal m. luminous
14. from another part of the world, foreign n. mandatory
15. a line with sharp turns in alternating directions o. melancholy
16. a violent explosion or outburst p. prairie
17. an extensive area of flat or rolling grassland q. regal
18. wrath, anger r. sabbatical
19. sadness, depression s. twist
20. to urge by strong argument or appeal t. zigzag