Academic Vocabulary Exercise 11

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Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 11

Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.

1. in reality a. adversary
2. the other way around b. connotation
3. offensive in language or actions c. crucial
4. idea associated with a word d. distress
5. meaning, importance e. drastically
6. violently, in a big way f. expedition
7. not suitable, insufficient g. ethnocentricity
8. an opponent, enemy h. harness
9. thinking that one's own group is best i. inadequate
10. book which provides synonyms for words j. literally
11. temporary lacking awareness, knocked out k. obscene
12. magazine or journal published at intervals l. periodicals
13. someone who sells things, merchant m. plummet
14. of critical or decisive importance n. significance
15. a journey for a special purpose o. scan
16. pull quickly and firmly p. thesaurus
17. look over reading material quickly for specific information q. vendor
18. to drop straight down, plunge r. vice versa
19. severe psychological strain or suffering s. unconscious
20. to control and direct the force of something t. yank