Academic Vocabulary Exercise 10

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Academic Vocabulary - Exercise 10

Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.

1. put in danger a. amiable
2. massive anger, excitement or confusion b. bluff
3. untidy, messy, carelessly done c. crackdown
4. to clear of accusation or blame d. embargo
5. a serious crime e. felony
6. good natured, friendly, pleasant f. gist
7. fear of strangers or foreigners g. harass
8. the central or main idea h. indifferent
9. nothing, none, zero i. jeopardize
10. severe enforcement of law j. keepsake
11. to disturb or irritate persistently k. nil
12. to count up, like a score l. obstruct
13. a prohibition or restriction of certain goods m. sloppy
14. to have a strong or deep desire for something, to long for n. tally
15. enthusiastic devotion to a cause or ideal o. uproar
16. to pretend, mislead by a false display of confidence p. vindicate
17. to move or swing back and forth, sway q. waver
18. to block with obstacles, get in the way r. xenophobia
19. having no interest or concern, not caring s. yearn
20. a reminder of something past, memento t. zeal