Vocabulary Exercise 15

Vocabulary Exercise

Match the words on the left with the definitions on the right.

agriculture _____
chant _____
compete _____
cooperation _____
cottage _____
crop _____
effort _____
exhibit _____
facial _____
flow _____
irrigation _____
official _____
perform _____
preserve _____
quality _____
quilt _____
ranch _____
rodeo _____
stampede _____
worship _____

a rhythmic string of sounds, sometimes set to music
a show, public presentation
a small house in the countryside
a thick blanket 
characteristic or trait
competition featuring cowboy skills and events
formal, recognized by proper authorities
give reverence to something sacred
industry related to raising crops or livestock
large farm where animals are raised
maintain or keep something for later use 
move smoothly or gracefully
plants that are grown for human consumption
related to the face or expression
strive against another to achieve a goal
sudden rush of herd animals
to act, put on a show
watering crops by artificial means
work or exertion
working together

Click here for answers.
See The Fourth of July in Colorado and Prince Lot Hula Festival for words in context.