Learn Vocabulary

If you want to Learn Vocabulary fast, please do 5 things below, our students who follow these method, always succeed, now you can follow this way Learn Vocabulary by yourself.

1. Context and Exposure

  • Alway learn phrase,not individual word
  • Read and listen in the same time
  • Sample contexts: reading material, audio, video, conversation
  • Sometimes you can guess meaning from the situation.
  • What type of word is it (noun, verb, adjective)?
  • Look at the words around it.
  • Try to read or listen to as much English as possible
  • Repeat above a week
  • Choose from a variety of sources

2. Pictures and associations

  • Sometimes seeing groups of related words can help
  • See our picture phrase.
  • Describe you seen

3. Understand Word Parts (prefixes, suffixes, roots)

4. Recognize collocations (words that go together)

5. Consider connotations and multiple meanings of words

  • Some words carry special or emotional meanings
  • Example:  house vs. home vs. family,   do vs. make
  • Some words can have many different meanings
  • Example: Spring,May