Household Chores

Click on (A) for Audio.

In the kitchen (A)

  • sweep the floor (A)
  • vacuum the floor (A)
  • mop the floor (A)
  • scrub the floor (A)
  • set the table (A)
  • clear the table (A)
  • wipe off the table (A)
  • put the food away (A)
  • wash the dishes (A)
  • rinse the dishes (A)
  • dry/wipe the dishes (A)
  • clean the sink (A)
  • take out the garbage/trash (A)

Other rooms (A)

  • answer the phone/door (A)
  • get the phone/door (A)
  • open the door/window (A)
  • close/shut the door (A)
  • wash the windows (A)
  • pick up the toys (A)
  • clean up your room (A)
  • clean up this mess (A)
  • make the bed (A)
  • move the furniture (A)
  • dust the shelves (A)
  • clean the tub (A)
  • do the laundry (A)

Outside (A)

  • check the mail(box) (A)
  • hang out the clothes (A)
  • sweep the porch (A)
  • cut the grass (A)
  • mow the lawn (A)
  • water the flowers (A)
  • turn on the sprinklers (A)
  • trim the hedges (A)
  • weed the garden (A)
  • fix the roof (A)
  • shovel the snow (A)
  • scrape the windshield (A)
  • wax the car (A)

For Conversation practice:

Situations: Asking for Favors

For More Pictures, see: The Oxford Picture Dictionary, page 46.