A letter to friend

Hi Nancy, my friend, I am really sorry reply you so late. I read your your email for many times and carefully. you told me a lot about you. and you used native english, i appriate for you do this, i think in this way will help me a big hand to learn really english.
I know you working hard, you do three jobs for a long time, so you must have full energy and sounds crazy.this is a valuable experience. Yes, we should working hard for a better future.  
I am really intresting in difference nations culture. in china, the parents always ask the child study hard. when children in 3~5 years, they teach children learn primary school knowledge, when the children enter primary school,the parents let their child study middle school textbook...... because the perents want their children become superman,have a bright future. For me, I was born in a poor viliage,my parents are farmer,they are working hard but just get a little income, in that time we are very very poor. when i was 10, i start to living in school untill now, so i am independent and i like freedom.  the people in your country like independent ,although they are old.right ? 5 generations living the same house in china.
Although my job was boring, but i enjoy the life, i believe the future will become better. I am interesting in everything. my favorite food is Contonest Cuisine, you can eat this cuisine in china town, many contonese go to abroad open restaurant. Roast beijing duck is the most famous special dish, have you try it before? and many delicous food i can't exprain in english.... i will decribe for you in the future, but it depent on my english skill, you know, my eglish is terrible.
Actually my really chinese name is Peng Tom (my passport written this name) , peng is my family name, tom is my personal name. you can also call me Tom, it doesn't matter. it's my fault. chinese name is different other nation name, family name first. i will send the pictures about me and china story for you in the next.
it's time to sleep now .bye.  your mate  Tom