How to Use

If you are a student . . .

Decide what you would like to study.

    What is your purpose for learning or improving your English?

      To prepare for study in a foreign country

      To get a better job

      To do business in English

      To make new friends

      To prepare for a particular test

    Which skill(s) would you like to learn/improve?

Determine your level.

    Take a look at some of the materials at various levels.

    (You may be at different levels in different skills, for example, speaking and reading.)

    Select those items that are a just a little more difficult than what you already know or can do.

    Challenge yourself, but don't choose materials that are too difficult for you.

    Work your way up using a step by step approach.

After you have determined the skill you want to study as well as your level, you may wish to select a textbook for a more organized study approach.

If you are a teacher . . .

Determine your students' needs or goals in learning English.

Determine students' level(s).

    Try out various materials to see what is appropriate.

    Ideally, choose something that is a little challenging, but not too difficult for students.

    Keep in mind that students may be at different levels in different skills.

Show students how to use in individually or in the multimedia lab.

Assign students specific pages from this web as pre-lesson preparation or post-lesson reinforcement.