Repeat nouns

Repeat nouns

Some words not only need to be repeated on many occasions, but only to repeat these words, semantics can clear, vivid expression to. Kaoyan translation in order to achieve accurate, fluent and complete translation of the Chinese translation standard, often some of the key words you need to be repeated.

(A) repeated in English for object nouns

Students must be cultivated to have the ability to analyze and solve problems.

They would be very reluctant to postpone or cancel the meeting.

(B) Repeat English predicative noun

This has been our position-but not theirs.

John is your friend as much as he is mine.

(C) Repeat English prepositions omitted before nouns

The English often reused preposition, second, third preposition before nouns omitted, the translation can often repeat these omitted noun.

The doctor will get more practice out of me than out of seventeen hundred ordinary patients.

(D) Repeat as antecedent noun in the attributive clause

English attributive clause common relationship between words guide the one hand, it represents the attributive clause modifies the first word (usually a noun, noun phrase or pronoun), on the one hand, in the clause as an ingredient. Not related to the Chinese word, and often need to be repeated for the antecedent noun.

He gave ma a book which I kept to this day.

Yesterday afternoon, I met an old friend of mine, who said that he would go abroad the next week.