Omitted as the subject of the person pronoun

According to Chinese custom, the first sentence of a subject, such as the remains of the same subject after sentence, do not have to repeat. Usually each sentence in the English subject personal pronoun as subject often appears more than once, and often can be omitted when the Chinese translation of this personal pronouns.

omit the subject called pronouns

I had many wonderful ideas, but I only put a few into practice.

Omitted for object pronouns

Some object pronouns in English, whatever lies ahead, you mentioned, the translation can often be omitted.

The more he tried to hide his mistakes, the more he revealed them.

Omit the possessive pronoun

Possessive pronoun in the English sentence is a very high frequency. A sentence often appear several possessive, if each possessive pronoun translated, the Chinese translation is very wordy. So in the case of no other person possessive pronoun, possessive pronoun in translation are mostly omitted.

I put my hand into my pocket.

omitted reflexives

How does atoms arrange themselves in a solid?