key for master translate

key for master translate

Sequential method

Is a graduate student in the English exam translation kinds of questions for candidates comprehensive capacity requirements, not only require candidates to have a better grasp of the vocabulary, grammar, discourse and cultural knowledge, also require candidates to have strong language organizational skills . Do title, candidates should skim the full text, grasp the general meaning of the article, and then analyze the need to translate the sentence, to identify the trunk, and clear pronoun it, this, that, these, referred to on behalf of the content. Then, further analysis of the role and the overall meaning of the sentence in the entire article, analysis after the start translate the statement fluent, as far as possible and consistent with the context mean. Finally, check to see whether spelling errors, correct tense, and punctuation are correct, digital, Year for errors, as well as the presence or absence of their own subjective increase or decrease. Kaoyan here tell us something about the long sentences in English translation skills.

Reverse order law

When the English long sentences narrative level Chinese are basically the same, according to the hierarchical order of the English original expression translated into Chinese, so that the translation of the English original order is basically the same. For example:

But now it is realized that supplies of some of them are limited, and it is even possible to give a reasonable estimate of their "expectation of life"? the time it will take to exhaust all known sources and reserves of these materials

Points syntactic

English some order of expression of the long sentence with Chinese Expression different, even opposite, then you must start translating from the original behind. Chinese, often attributive modifiers and adverbial modifiers in the modifier before that many modifiers often located; in English, are modifiers, so the translation often take the original word order reversed. The inversion method is often used in English to Chinese, that the English long sentence in accordance with the Chinese idiomatic expression before and after the exchange, the Italian group or inverted, the principle is the Chinese translation sentence in line with the general narrative of modern Chinese reasoning logical order.

Television, it is often said, keeps one informed about current events, allow one to follow the latest developments in science and politics, and offers an endless series of programs which are both instructive and entertaining

Reorganization Act

Sometimes the the the English long sentence subject or the main sentence modifier relationship is not very close, and translation in accordance with the habits of Chinese multi-use phrases, the long sentence, clause or phrase convert sentences to describe separately. Semantic coherence is sometimes necessary to appropriately increase words, that is, take the split-up of the entire English long sentences translated into several independent sentences, essentially the same order of continuity before and after.

Decision must be made very rapidly; physical endurance is tested as much as perception, because an enormous amount of time must be spent making certain that the key figures act on the basis of the same information and purpose

Synthesis method

That during Chinese Translation asked smooth and more in line with the habits of the Chinese narrative logic, stroked clear structure of the English long sentences, understand the the English original intent of the foundation, to rid itself of the form of the original word order and sentence and re-sentence combination. For example:

We have described above, a the English long sentence in reverse order law, the sequential method and the sub syntax In fact, in an English translation long sentence, it is not simply a translation, but rather to the integrated use of the various methods, which also reflected in the example cited above. In another example, some English long sentence simply using any of these methods are not convenient, which requires careful analysis, or in accordance with the sequence of time, or in a logical order, good times or bad combination, prioritize integrated whole sentence processing, in order to translate the English original into a fluent and faithful Chinese sentences. For example:

People were afraid to leave their houses, for although the police had been ordered to stand by in case of emergency, they were just as confused and helpless as anybody else