Eight rules of Translation

Eight rules of Translation

1.verb-object connections

Those potent weapons for deflecting pitches that offer everything from bigger body parts to lower mortgage rates have attracted the ire of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and mass marketers.


The Chinese people have always been cherishing freedom and peace.

The Chinese people always cherish freedom and peace.

The Chinese people are always cherishing freedom and peace.

The Chinese people have cherished freedom and peace than ever.

3.subject to determine

For example, they lay emphasis on the importance of kindness and love in human relations, on the interest of the community, and on the idea that all under heaven are equal, especially on patriotism as embodied in the saying, “everybody is responsible for the fate of the country.”

4.predicate minimization

With which non-restrictive clauses

The use of sub-word phrase

To use prepositional phrase (with, for)

With to the purpose of adverbia

lThe verb becomes a noun

5.verb-object to Change Order

The rest of the world will have to react to this millennial economic shift to Asia, and to the rising power of China.

6.sentence logical relationships

Thanks to the rapid development in the past 20-plus years, a relatively solid foundation in terms of material wealth and technology has been laid in the western region of China.


Not vexed by reading comprehensively though futilely, I deal seriously with teaching and handling affairs and have no regret for suffering losses.

8. reduction use"of"

A strong, prosperous and developed China will pose no threat to any countries.

Our relations have so grown that bind us not only as close friends but also as brothers.