Super Success for the TOEFL Test

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Prepare for the computer-based TOEFL test with this easy-to-use CD-ROM. The program includes more than 1000 questions with answers and explanations, together with tips and strategies. Super Success covers all four required test sections: Listening, Structure, Reading and Writing. Intensive practice sessions let the student focus on individual sections, presenting 50 randomized questions at a time. 30-minute Quick Tests assess and sharpen skills across all sections and are randomized for a fresh test every time. Writing preparation includes essay strategies, sample topics and examples with analysis. Students practice composing essays, using onscreen tools that appear in the actual test, such as Cut, Paste and Undo. Essays can be saved and printed.

Automatic progress tracking displays the student's six most recent scores, showing both the number and percentage of correct answers. Four full-length test simulations help students build the confidence and comfort to perform at their best. English immersion format is designed for all speakers of English as a foreign language. Includes content from Delta's Key to the TOEFL Test.

Features include

1000 self-correcting questions

Intensive practice sessions

Quick Tests--randomized for variety

4 full-length test simulations

Essay strategies for Writing section

Automatic timing and scoring

Progress tracking