Style of Study

Style of Study

Background Information:Chinese students and American students are different in their study. When Chinese student Li Ming went abroad to further his study,he came across some barriers in his study. His best friend David finds that and wants to have a talk with him.

Li Ming ( male ) :Chinese student, David ( male): American student

David: How are you getting along with your studies in America?

Li Ming: Not very well.

David: Why do you say that?

Li Ming: I'm not used to the way of teaching and learning is done at the university here in the U. S. 

David: What do you mean by saying that?

Li Ming:In China, the teachers talked all the time in the class and we just took notes, tried to memorize the books, and get high marks. But here, in Americait is different, there are so many discussions, experiments in the class and papers to do outside class, that I can't keep organized.

David:There’s some truth to that. I believe you will adjust to this situation after a short time.

Li Ming:I hope so. It is easy to say but difficult to do.

David:If you have any problems in your studying,I’ll be glad to give you a hand.

Li Ming:Ok, I will try to understand university life. When inRome,do as the Romans do.