Renting an Apartment

Renting an Apartment

Bartley (male):a university student; Jerry (male):Bartley's roommate
Bartley:Jerry,I need to find a new place to live.
Jerry: Yeah? Why? Don't you enjoy living with me?H
Bartley:Oh,it's not you. I just want my own place.
Jerry:Well,check today’s newspaper and the websites.
Bartley:Jeez ... I didn’t realize an apartment with a single bedroom went for so much these days.
Jerry: Yeah,prices have really gone up in the past few years.
Bartley:Oh,here's one. It looks like it?s in this neighborhood, for $ 600 a month. That's not too bad.
Jerry: No,it's pretty good. Why not give a call to the landlord?
Bartley:Hello. I'm calling about the one bedroom in Lincoln Park. May I take a look at it? Yes. Tonight at six is fine. Thanks.

Example 2

Peter (male) :a university student; Ryan (male):Peter’s friend

Peter:Can you help me do an internet search?

Ryan:Sure. What do you want to find?

Peter:I want to find information on renting an apartment.

Ryan:Well,could you be more specific? There are a lot of websites about that type rental.

Peter:Yes, I want to rent an apartment near theNorth 7th Street.

Ryan:OK. Well, go to google, com, and type in “North 7th Street,rent an apartment. ”

Peter:Oh wow,there is a lot of information about that.

Ryan:Here,try this one. This building has been finished for 6 months and nobody has ever lived in it.

Peter:That sounds great. It may suit you.

Ryan:For more detail information, however, you should contact the landlord.

Peter:Thanks. If Tm interested,P11 make a call and go to see it this afternoon.

Ryan: Would you need my company?

Peter: If it is convenient to you, I really appreciate your company. Thank you so much.

Ryan: It's my pleasure.

Culture background

In foreign universities, especially in the United States, schools do not require the students live on campus or off- campus. students are free to choose where to live; of course, many students select the ahome-inw, that is living in a strange family. More importantly, education pays more attetition to students'independence. The schools treat students as adults completely, students can enjoy the freedom of choosing their own lifestyle. Many domestic students studying abroad are also free during the combination with renters and schools do not prohibit.

If the school provides dormitory, then the vast majority in U. S. college students like to live on campus. Because it not only increases their social and educational opportunities' their costs are usually lower than the rent spent on private houses. Some universities have large hotel-style dormitory buildings, such as Columbia University? some of them have small cottage-style bungalows' such as Northwestern University. Schools often employ graduate or senior undergraduate as advisers, who are responsible for managing academic and personal problems for the new comers. Many institutions rely on male and female students to solve most of the students' association accommodation.